Let’s take a look at why it is absolutely necessary to have a landscape design blueprint BEFORE beginning your yard renovation.


Site Analysis

Where are the drainage problem areas in your yard? Do you have enough sunlight (or too much) for the plants you want? Are there HOA guidelines you need to abide by? How much material is necessary to landscape your space?

Preliminary site analysis helps ensure your landscaping is right for your yard, by taking precise measurements and evaluating the existing conditions.


Yardwork is HARDwork – Know how much maintenance you’re ready for. While some people consider pulling weeds to be meditative, you might find it tedious. And though you may love the idea of a big, beautiful plum tree in your front yard, you may not love the amount of labor it requires to keep the space underneath it clean and dropping-less.

Let your landscape designer know how much you plan to do on a daily or weekly basis, whether hiring a service is in your budget, and how you can plan accordingly.

Idea Generation

Landscape Designers are often trained to assess your property’s problem areas and create a solid plan that addresses both the big picture and exact details of how your landscape will look and function.

They will also assist you in selecting the perfect materials, styles, textures, and colors for your landscape project, based on both your preferences, and what is actually realistic for your space, saving you time and stress.

Budget Creation

Planning on a DIY backyard? First comes demo, then comes … irrigation and trenches, hardscape and site prep work, equipment rental and material purchasing. Often times, without a complete understanding of the landscape process, vital elements sneak up on you and end up cutting deeply into your expected budget.

Hiring a landscape designer to create your blueprint ensures that the excavation needed, materials you select, and installation of your new landscape are included in your budget to create realistic expectations for yourself.

Construction Planning

What you might consider a long weekend project might actually take weeks. Avoid the stress (and the mess) and have a design blueprint drafted by a seasoned landscape designer. Doing so will allow you to see what exactly it will take to accomplish your landscape goals and potentially plan your project in phases, if necessary.

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