Lawn & Order Designs

Helping you Visualize Your Dream Yard

Expert Designer

Expert consultation through the entire design process ensures you are happy with the results


Unparalleled Experience

Almost 3 decades of experience in landscape design, install and horticulture

Customer Approval

Revisions and edits ensure that you approve every square foot of your new yard before ground even breaks


Plant Catalogue

Detailed plant catalogue with color pictures and plant bios


Accurate Measurements

Computer generated measurements so that your yard comes out exactly as planned


Stunning designs that help you visualize your future yard


Having a landscape design is essential for any landscape installation. From a contractors perspective, it provides us with accurate measurements, product/material quantities, and spacing. From a client’s perspective, the design phase gives you control over the entire project. All too often, property owners hire a contractor without discussing the details. This creates unavoidable distortions between what the contractor will do and what the client expects because it is almost certain that the client will visualize something different than what the contractor visualizes. With our landscape designs, you have a chance to approve each and every plant, tree, light and landscape feature. This leads to a higher satisfaction rate and that is our ultimate goal.

Examples of Landscape Designs

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