Looking for a little inspiration for your next backyard project? We’ve put together this list of our favorite  trends we have seen in landscape design and installation in 2017 for the Greater Sacramento Area. Whether you are a DIYer or looking for some help, this list will get your ideas going.



1. Succulents

Succulents are drought resistant plants that tend to look swollen due to the the way they store water. Their uniqueness and versatility make them excellent additions to any drought resistant yard. Whether you want to use them in pots, hanging arrangements, or in the ground, succulents are extremely popular right now.

2. Mediterranean Theme

(Lots of olive trees + lavendar) One style of landscape that has gained traction recently is the mediterranean theme. Not the almost tropical look you get in Greece or or coastal oases. A dry, rustic theme you would find in an Italian or Napa Valley vineyard. There is usually lots of lavender, olive trees and a decomposed granite instead of concrete or other more modern hardscapes.

3. Edible Gardens

(Fruit trees, veggies, etc., – resurgence in go green with environmental concerns) Farm to fork is a huge trend in the Northern Californian restaurant scene. Its spilling over into landscape design as well. Whether it’s a small orchard or a wine barrel garden, clients like to add a bit of sustainability to their outdoor living.

4. Locally Sourced

(Local furniture and materials) People are trending away from mass-production and towards creativity and uniqueness. What is the best way to show off your reative flare? Locally sourced materials! Lumber, patio furniture, outdoor kitchen, etc. – there are so many different ways to go. How about this custom bar top made out of locally sourced and recycled redwood?

5. Natural Materials

(Natural woods, stones, even railway ties!) Who would’ve thought? Natural materials look great with natural landscape. Yes, natural materials are more difficult to maintain and require some upkeep. But that hasn’t stopped the masses from trading in pre-fabricated landscape features for natural materials for a more rustic fell. The natural rock for these retaining walls add a natural feel that would have been missing with a more modern material.

6. Outdoor Firepits

Outdoor firepits have become extremely popular lately, and for good reason. A fire is a great place to hangout on a cool fall or spring evening. But if you really want to impress your guests, consider upgrading to a full on fireplace. Turning your yard into an outdoor room will create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.

7. Pollinators

(Flowers that attract bees, birds, etc) As you can tell by the rest of the list, we everything is trending towards incorporating more of nature into landscapes. Why not throw in some wildlife? Pollinators are great for attracting different types of birds and butterflies. Want to draw some hummingbirds in? Put some Orange Trumpet in and enjoy your morning coffee with some new friends.
There you have it. Our favorite trends of 2017 for the Sacramento! Have your implemented any of these into your yard recently? We would love to see! Upload your pics to FB or Instagram and use #sacramentoL&Oyards. If you have any questions about getting started on your yard, feel free to reach out and book an appointment.
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